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What makes women want breast reduction surgery?



While many women with bigger breasts receive wistful compliments from their less endowed girlfriends, for some it can actually be a source of many problems.

Reasons for choosing it can include discomfort due to heavier breasts; aching back muscles due to supporting the heavier breasts and breast pain. Clothing can be a problem: bra straps ‘cutting in’ to the shoulders, tops can feel they hang awkwardly; it can be difficult to find pleasing underwear or strappy tops to fit. Sports and beachwear may feel like an absolute ‘no go’ area due to breast discomfort or clothing anxieties.

The procedure

Surgeons generally hold a consultation with prospective patients to discuss the best surgical procedures for the operation, so what follows is of course, a general outline. Advice on buying a suitable supportive bra for the post-operative period is essential before the operation.

The operation usually lasts around 3 hours, under general anaesthetic and aims to remove breast tissue and ‘uplift’ the remainder. Incisions are commonly like an upside down anchor-shape, around the nipple and then down the breast to the crease underneath. Excess fat and skin is removed and the nipple and areola (dark circle around it) are repositioned higher to create a natural looking appearance to the new shaped breasts. Sutures seal the incisions and remain in place for around 7 to 14 days.


Patients normally stay in hospital 1 or 2 days after surgery and pain medication is routinely offered as needed. The surgeon may need to insert drainage tubes into each breast to collect any



blood leakage, so patients may wake up from the aesthetic with these in place. Generally, those are removed before you can go home from hospital. Advice on how long to wear the chosen support bra for is very important (and of course underwired bras are a definitely not allowed until given a medical ‘go-ahead’).  A guideline for the time needed off work is 2 to 4 weeks dependant on both the occupation and each patient’s medical needs.  Strenuous exercise must be restricted for some weeks. There are also important appointments to check healing progress.

Expert Advice



Although breast surgeries are some of the most widely practiced and well documented cosmetic procedures, any surgery carries certain degrees of risk. Expert advice from surgeons with specialist training and experience is essential. Many professional cosmetic surgery bodies raise the point that you should never choose a surgeon by the price-tag alone and offer advice to find competent surgeons. Potential risks, implications and realistic estimates of how the end results could look should be thoroughly discussed to your complete satisfaction before any commitment is made. Cosmetic surgery is a sizeable industry, so if you are unsatisfied with the consultation, there will be plenty of other surgical facilities to choose from.

DISCLAIMER: No information here can be used as medical advice or used to make any healthcare decision!  Please only consult qualified physicians for advice.

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Some professional bodies for plastic surgery UK/ USA/ Canada – please note we do not ‘endorse’ or recieve sponsorship from them:

1.   British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

2. American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

3. Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons/ Societe Canadienne Des Churugiens Plasticiens

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