Breast uplifts (medical name ‘maxoplasty’) aims to enhance the contour of breast which have lost their natural shape and/or firmness.    Causes may include substantial weight loss from slimming; pregnancy; or premature loss  of elastic tone to the skin, creating a more sagging shape. Women may choose breast uplift surgery to improve self confidence and feel better in a bikini on holiday. The operation is breast plastic surgery aimed at enhancing shape, not increasing size – but it can be performed with a simultaneous  breast augmentation if required, during the same surgery. Maxoplasty always uses general anaesthetic and the operation may last between 1 to 3hrs. The way the operation is then performed depends on the individual patient’s breast shape and the opinion of the surgeon for the best results.

The procedure

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Generally, though, small incisions are made at sites on the breast which allow for a higher position of the nipple and areole (darker circle around it). A crescent shaped incision is commonly used to remove excess skin from an incision above the areola, although it can be performed lower down on the breast. Once the excess skin has gone, the nipple should rest in a higher place, hence the name ‘uplift surgery’. This taughter skin should result in more pert breasts.


Cosmetic surgery needs recovery time like any other operation. It may be necessary for antibiotics and pain relief medication to be given following the surgery.

Drainage tubes may also need to be inserted into the breasts during the operation and remain in place for a short time afterwards, to remove any leaked blood. Once any tubing is removed, stitches are later removed between 7 to 14 days. Patients generally  spend 1 to 2 nights in hospital, followed by attendance at appointments to monitor wound healing. A supportive bra is needed and strenuous physical activity must not be done for some time. Several weeks are needed off work to recover and exercise should be reintroduced with care over the next 4 to 6 weeks, following explicitly the individual advice of the surgeon.

Some Important Considerations

The procedure always involves a degree of scarring. The lasting extent of scarring can depend on the degree to which the breast had lost their shape. Initially, the scars are pink, and then generally speaking over time fade to faint white lines. It is possible that the sensitivity in the nipple can decrease. It is also possible that patients may not be able to breast feed following this surgery. All concerns must be fully discussed with the surgeon before committing, so that fully informed choices can be made.

DISCLAIMER: No information here can be used as medical advice or used to make any healthcare decision!  Please only consult qualified physicians for advice.

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