About The Team

Breast Surgery Facts.com is a proudly independent site – none of the content in there is paid advertising. It began as an idea by RS Brown, a blogger in London, UK, as a response to many internet sites which didn’t seem to give a balanced picture of cosmetic surgeries. The project was conceived to spread a little more impartial information, without sponsorship from a clinic. With a neither ‘anti’ condemnatory, nor ‘pro’ promotional approach, other contributors agreed to write on the subject and the blog was born.  RS Brown has a background in earth sciences, another contributor is from the London media (under a pseudonym to protect identity!) and another is from natural health care (again with a pseudonym, since the topic can provoke a huge ‘anti’ reaction in some circles). The aim is not to tell readers what to do, but just try to present non-sensationalist information and resources for professional and government bodies to help readers decide for themselves how they feel about the topic.

Please feel free to contact the team, leave a comment at the site and we will get back to you.  As you can see, no-one is a qualified doctor or nurse here, so we can’t answer medical queries but other feedback is most welcome – tell us how we’re doing in our mission.